Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Later Is Greater

What took so long? For some of ya'll, Combat Jack's been rocking with you off and on now for like 4 years, but on the guest blogger status though. In '05, when I discovered this thing they call the blogosphere, it was a brand new world to me. I had just embarked on a long break from the music industry as an entertainment attorney and had landed a book deal for my book "Bling, The Hip Hop Jewelry Book". One night, I was doing some online research for my book on the jewels that then New York crew Dipset was rocking when I accidentally stumbled upon the blogger genius that is Byron Crawford (byroncrawford.com) where he had a post joking the eff outta Cam'ron.

Funny. Smart. Irreverant. Gully. Done. Hooked!

After emailing dude my bio as an introduction, Byron took a chance and let me rock some guest posts, some of which have become legendary and birthed a few of ya'll's blog styles. If you're not familiar, please peep my classics right here: byroncrawford.com/combat_jack/.

I landed a cushy gig with janky ass MTV and shortly thereafter, linked up with then new jack internet celebrity Dallas Penn, who let me bless his site with some drops, including a couple of blog beef incidents in which I had to ether a coupla cats for blogging wreckless (whaddup Siccamore p//k/a "Yung Lip Gloss" and Tom Breihan).

Four years is a long effin time to be speculating on when I'ma drop my own blog. In between all that, knicca had more babies (4 total!), Jigga and Nas done made up, Lil Wayne became top dog in the cRap food chain, Jim Jones' Capo status has been upgraded, a Bollywood Hindude flick is movie of the year, facebook has replaced crack having EVERYONE strung out, comic book movies is running this flick ish (Watchmen in '09!!!), genocide is taking place in the Middle East AND we have a Black president.

Black men still stay getting merked in the streets by police in cold blood though.

Being new to this is no longer an excuse. Writing behind my dudes' blogs under my CJ alias is behind me. It's a new year people, and I'm about to bring you what you've been waiting for.

A big shout to my CJ blog fam, Byron Crawford, Dallas Penn, Eskay from Nah Right (knicca, you have become an effin BEAST!), Ian from Different Kitchen, my Aussie dude Robbie from Unkut ('09 is all you kid, plus the book deal), Geek Bird (where u at?), my dude Gabe Tolliver (keep yer chin down and stay firing soldier!) and all you other blog dudes and dudettes. I'ma keep it like 100 with this ish. If there's a problem to be solved, I'ma have the solution with Today's Mathematics.

Let's be clear: one thing for sure, this time it's for the money!


eskay said...

this is what i'm talkin about.

Regina is... said...

you never cease to amaze me! this is kinda fabulous...I shall be back!

Marvelous Mo said...

it's about time CJ. Your guest drops were always on point from Batman reviews to your personal stories in the industry. I'm def bookmarking this site.

Peace brotha!

shelz said...

wow... i get to watch you build from the ground up? wish you luck.

m said...

the MOVEment......definitely ready........keep me on the stormshadow side of things. I just wanna play the back darkness till it's time for some heads to roll. Y'all got a extra battery in my back rite now. 100

M said...

Gritty Committee
yeah it's Winners in the circles too.....champion mindsets...I'm only building wit A-Alikes this year fam. Cats that plan on taking the trophy, so def count me in.


Anonymous said...

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uber said...

dont be one and done ma-man. i got to you from that solid break-down on damon dash a while back. ima bout to go read that piece again right now. classic. keep something new coming. most of us are at work bored or inbetween things looking for content. keep it coming man.

Metafortae said...